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Crimping Tool

Price: $30.00
Item Number: PA1461

The Freedom Tuning Systems Stage 1 Tuner utilizes Deutsch DT series connector assemblies and crimping techniques. You must use a proper crimping tool for the
closed barrel terminals we suppply. 

Insert a terminal in the crimp tool and then use your finger as shown in Figure 1 to align the terminal flush with the surface of the tool. Carefully close the ratcheting tool to the first click. Then supply a very small amount of pressure to the grip to just firmly hold the terminal in place. Make sure the terminal is flush with the surface of the tool, otherwise the crimp indentations will not be correctly located.

Strip 5/32” insulation from the end of the wire and insert the wire into the terminal as shown in Figure 2. Close the tool to complete the crimping operation. The crimped terminal should appear as shown in Figure 3 with wire strands visible in the inspection hole.

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