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At Pro Twin Performance, we're not trying to be like everybody else.  We're not trying to throw together second best products to make good profit margins.  We will not oversell you...if you don't need it, we won't say you do.  We are not willing to sacrifice drivability and reliability for performance.  We are not shade tree mechanics with a couple of engine builds under our belts.  We are not interested in science projects and mis-matched parts.  We are more than a screen name....we are the new standard.
With unmatched development experience in design and engineering of premium engine performance products, we strive to exceed expectations of those that demand the best.  If you are shopping for a "good deal" and don't mind questionable results, you may want to go elsewhere.  If you want the best, give us a call.

I built my first engine at 9 years old with an old hardback Motors manual in my dad's garage, and have been a part of virtually all disciplines of high performance engines since. While pursuing an education as a mechanical engineer, my experience developed into a career building race cars and restoring high end muscle cars. As a Master Engine Designer and Builder, I went on to design super high performance race/street engines, components, and fuel injection systems as a consultant for professional engine builders.
Many years ago, like most of my customers, I was on a mission to find engine components to make my ElectraGlide run like my classic muscle cars did.  I was capable of building my own but didn't have the time to design the parts, have them made, then do all the work myself.  I visited every dealer in my area, joined every message board and spoke with every engine builder in the Harley-Davidson aftermarket trying to find someone that could do it for me.  I found Doug Coffey at Head Quarters over 10 years ago and rapidly grew to represent his interests in the United States.  After my tenure with Head Quarters, I decided to create my own style and blend of performance and reliability which led to the expansion of Pro Twin Performance Products and Baxter's Garage.
Pro Twin Performance Products is an extension of my personal goals... to make your purchasing decision easy and the results predictable.  That same quality and attention to detail is now available to the general public since our expansion to a full service shop.  Finally, you and your motorcycle will get the personal attention you deserve.....and I commit to proving it to you.
Kevin Baxter